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Administrative Documents


Activity 3: Adaptation and development of Intelligent Tools.

This is IRIS-SES 3rd deliverable that includes the development of tools and/or the adaptation of tools that support the MSFD implementation process relating to monitoring. The work of this activity has developed a GIS platform to be used for the MSFD descriptors D5, D8, D9, together with a decision making tool mainly for stakeholders that(…)

Activity 4: Optimization and adaptation to MSFD requirements of ongoing joint marine monitoring in the Mediterranean and Black Sea: planning the future JMPs.

This is IRIS-SES 4th deliverable which has an extensive document on the decisions adopted by EU and MS authorities for the achievement of GES in the Mediterranean and Black Seas that are based on appropriate scientific information resulted from the analysis of comparable data sets provided by sea-region scale Joint Monitoring Programs. Its outmost result(…)

Annex V: 3rd Final Report

This chapter provides an overview of activities carried out in the reporting period, including a brief description and an assessment of their status. The activities and also numbering of activities shall correspond to activities listed in the application and hence in the grant agreement. Click here to download the full document.