e-learning2The rationale behind the IRIS-SES specific e-Learning activity is to offer to the stakeholder community of the MSFD, a platform where different training tools are made available with the aim of covering in the long run all key descriptors and indicators of the MSFD monitoring programme. Currently the training tools are contribution by scientists (from and outside IRIS partners) giving lectures on some of the MSFD descriptors and indicators.  Contributes are organized into the two categories, as follows:

  • Short talks (max 3 minutes of interview (video) on the theme and title indicated by the author)
  • Long lessons (max 45 minutes of power-point structured lesson with an audio record)

This page will remain active after the project completion and in close collaboration with the Lifewatch platform, will be shared and continuously implemented by other initiatives, projects, infrastructures, and JPI contributions.

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Video Gallery

Irina Makarenko - Secretary, BSC Permanent Secretariat

Mikhail Durkin - Professional Secretary, HELCOM

Spatial Data Infrastructure for Marine Environnement Ifremer initiatives in France and in Europe

Prof. Cecilia: Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Lex Oosterbaan - Chair of EIHA Committee of OSPAR

Maria Luisa Silva Mejias - Executive Secretary and Coordinator Barcelona Convention

Janez Potočnik - European Commissioner for the Environment

Berlin 06: Questions from the Floor and Answers by Presenters