IRIS-SES’s Work Packages

There are 5 Work Packages in the IRIS project:


WP1: Analysis of the monitoring programs carried on the framework of European/Regional/National legislation in relation to MSFD requirements

Work Package Leader: Luminita Lazar | NMRD (Romania)


WP2: Integrating scales of monitoring with those of processes to be monitored

Work Package Leader: Alberto Basset | Univ. of Salento (Italy)


WP3: Adaptation and development of intelligent tools

Work Package Leader: Aris Karageorgis | HCMR (Greece)


WP4: Optimization and adaptation to MSFD requirements of ongoing joint marine monitoring in the Mediterranean and Black Sea: planning the future JMPs

Work Package Leader: Francisco Alemany | IEO (Spain)


WP5: Coordination and Management, Dissemination and Sustainability

Work Package Leader:  Kalliopi Pagou | HCMR (Greece)