IRIS-SES’s Steering and Advisory Committee

IRIS-SES’s Steering and Advisory Committee is formed by:

  • The Scientific Coordinator of IRIS-SES
  • The Project Manager of IRIS-SES
  • The Activities Leaders (4)


A panel of external experts – key stakeholders:

  • PERSEUS Project coordinator (E. Papathanassiou)
  • MISIS Project coordinator (L. Boicenco)
  • UNEP/MAP-MEDPOL Programme Officer (T. Hema)
  • Black Sea Commission Pollution Monitoring and Assessment Officer (V. Abaza)
  • OSPAR Deputy Secretary (G. Vereet)
  • HELCOM  Professional Secretary (M. Lamaanen)
  • GFCM Executive Secretariat (Prof Srour)
  • BENA President (Prof. F. Vosniakos)

And the

  • Observers : other pilot projects, DG ENV, EEA.