IRIS-SES’s Workplan

According to EC Directive, 2008, “coastal waters including their seabed and subsoil are an integral part of the marine environment and as such should also be covered by MSFD Directive in so far as particular aspects of the environmental status of the marine environment are not already addressed through WFD Directive 2000/60″. This means that coastal waters are also an area under the coverage of MSFD and additional aspects of the environment under the MSFD should be assessed as well.

Thus already implemented national and WFD (and other directives) monitoring plans maybe a good start for the building up of MSFD monitoring networks. Based on the needs stemming from the implementation of the WFD and MSFD a list of physical, chemical, biological parameters and data on pressure, impacts and human activities to be monitored will be included in the proposed integrated multi-disciplinary monitoring programmes. This build up could be oriented towards two axes, one “indicators axis” and one “spatial” axis.

Indicator axis

Through BSC/EEA Diagnostic report were identified the gaps in the existing BSIMAP (Black Sea Monitoring System) and assessed the suitability of data for calculation of BSC and EEA indicators and the relevance of monitoring system in the BS region to meet requirements of the MSFD. Unfortunatelly, a deep analysis of the suitability of national monitoring system to respond to different European Directives was not done.

A table of quality elements covered by both Directives (WFD & MSFD) should indicate the overlaps and the additional elements (ex. zooplankton, fish, trophic webs, litter, noise) that should be also covered for the needs of MSFD. In relation to the selection of indicators this should focus on:

• prioritization of needs for all Directives in order to end up in integrative tools – indicators covering as many Directives as possible,

• taking into account already acquired experience in metric and indices development (activity undertaken under the WFD-intercalibration). Ecological status should be relevant or compliant to environmental status.

• harmonization in regional or sub-regional level

• taking into account Initial Assessment Country suggestions for MSFD indicators-methods and PERSEUS and MISIS output/suggestions.

• New indicators developed and tested under current MSFD related Projects (PERSEUS, DEVOTES, CoCONET others?) will be considered