IRIS-SES will follow the “RInES” conference

IRIS-SES will follow the “RInES” conference

29th-30th of May 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece.

RInES- Research and Innovation in the service or Economy and Society European Neighborhood and the Black Sea Region.

The overall objective of the RInES Conference is to highlight the important role of the International Cooperation / INCO for the EU by reinforcing the collaboration with the European Neighborhood /ENP and Black Sea region countries within the framework of the research and innovation, exploiting its potential as an integral part of a comprehensive package of external action. The ENP and Black Sea region countries involved are Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestine Authority, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and the associated countries: Israel and Turkey.

Please see the conference official website for more information.

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