IRIS-SES Stakeholder Workshop

IRIS-SES Stakeholder Workshop

Developing Joint Monitoring Schemes across the Mediterranean

The workshop will take place in Venice on Thursday 26 February 2015, at the premices of Castello 2737/f (ARSENALE, Tesa 104) – 30122 Venezia VE Veneto).

Within the framework of the IRIS-SES project and to help meet its goals, a stakeholder workshop will be organized on Joint Monitoring Proposals and relevant intelligent tools towards the MSFD monitoring.


The workshop will focus on three main aspects:

  • key issues on adapting monitoring design to the targets and specifications of the ecosystem (coupling monitoring scales to scales of population dynamics and ecosystem processes);
  • strategies for coordinating national monitoring plans mainly on open sea

ecosystems, sharing of resources and information, and optimization of cost effectiveness

  • integration of monitoring efforts in the Mediterranean towards joint monitoring across the basin


A brief presentation of the key achievements of the IRIS-SES project will take place,

related to the above three points, in order to trigger an open discussion.

Click here to download the Agenda.