EMODNet Chemistry Data Products Experts Workshop

EMODNet Chemistry Data Products Experts Workshop


Meeting place

Hotel Park, Split, Croatia


Meeting dates

19 June 2014 (from 9.00 to 18.00)


Objectives of the meeting

  • General overview of EMODNet Chemistry objectives and results with and interactive demonstration of EMODNet Chemistry portal,
  • Open discussion on the available data, the results obtained and the right direction for the coming 2 years;
  • Validation of EMODNet Chemistry data and products;
  • Suggestions on how to continue in the next two years, with emphasis on the needed results;
  • How EMODNet can answer EEA, MSFD and WG-DIKE reporting needs?
  • The interaction between EMODNet and the Regional Conventions;
  • Keep feedback from the participants.


Participants are invited to comment on all topics
19 June 2014 (9.00 – 18.00)

10h30 -11h00: Coffee break

13h00 -14h00: Lunch

15h30 -16h00: Coffee break



People meet


Introduction to EMODNET Chemistry and goal of the workshop

Alessandra Giorgetti and Matteo Vinci (OGS)


Data and Data Product availability, results and critical issues. The North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Atlantic Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

Martin M. Larsen (AU-DCE), Lotta Fyberg (SMHI), Antoine Huguet (IFREMER), Luminita Buga (NIMRD), Sissy Iona (HCMR)


Presentation and demonstration of the new services (visualisation, coastal sections, time series, CDI interface, Sextant catalogue, buffer set- up etc)

Dick Schaap with Gerrit Hendriksen (Deltares), Sylvain Watelet (ULg), Michele Fichaut (IFREMER)


Use of CHASE assessment tool with EMODNet Chemistry data

Martin M. Larsen (AU-DCE),


Output from TG Data for MSFD implementation

Giordano Giorgi (ISPRA),


HELCOM activities in relation to data needs, data flow, assessment products (indicators) etc.

Minna Pyhälä (HELCOM)


The IRIS-SES project: Towards a new approach and decision making tools for an Integrated Regional monitoring Implemetation Strategy for the MSFD in the South European Seas. Possible links to EMODNET perspectives

Louisa Giannoudi and Kalliopi Pagou (HCMR)


MISIS project – Overview of the marine environmental monitoring in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey

Alina Spinu and Laura Boicenco (NIMRD)




Open discussion on the used data sets and quality of the data products


Feedback from the participants, general discussion and recommendations