EcAp Biodiversity Scientific Workshop in Athens

EcAp Biodiversity Scientific Workshop in Athens

EcAp Biodiversity Scientific Workshop, Athens, Greece (28-30 April 2014)

Scientists from IRIS-SES will participate to the following event organized by one of the IRIS-SES advisory board members (PERSEUS project).

As a follow up of UNEP/DEPI/MED WG 390/4-Decision, the Secretariat of the Barcelona Convention aims to ensure relevant scientific input into the development of the Mediterranean common indicators. This will be the basis of an Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme to be agreed on by the Contracting Parties by the end of 2015. To assist towards that, PERSEUS has been asked to organize an Ecosystem Approach Biodiversity Scientific Expert Workshop, to take place between 28-29 April, at the HCMR premises in Anavissos, Greece.

The aim of the Workshop which is a close collaboration event of the PERSEUS project with UNEP/MAP, will be to further specify the biodiversity related common indicators in light of the ongoing relevant scientific projects (DEVOTES and COCONET), their experience and data gathered. UNEP/MAP will chair the workshop, explaining their needs and how to use the expertise around the table to implement the target.

In particular, the meeting will have a scientific discussion and collective view on:
• possible monitoring parameters to be measured;
• available methodologies in relation to the specific common indicators;
• monitoring matrix and scales for each parameter, as appropriate;
• proposals on the way forward of the common indicator developments.