IRIS-SES’s Steering and Advisory Committee

IRIS-SES’s Steering and Advisory Committee is formed by: The Scientific Coordinator of IRIS-SES The Project Manager of IRIS-SES The Activities Leaders (4) Plus A panel of external experts – key stakeholders: PERSEUS Project coordinator (E. Papathanassiou) MISIS Project coordinator (L. Boicenco) UNEP/MAP-MEDPOL Programme Officer (T. Hema) Black Sea Commission Pollution Monitoring and Assessment Officer (V. Abaza) OSPAR Deputy Secretary (G. Vereet) HELCOM(…)

IRIS-SES’s Work Packages

There are 5 Work Packages in the IRIS project:   WP1: Analysis of the monitoring programs carried on the framework of European/Regional/National legislation in relation to MSFD requirements Work Package Leader: Luminita Lazar | NMRD (Romania)   WP2: Integrating scales of monitoring with those of processes to be monitored Work Package Leader: Alberto Basset | Univ. of Salento (Italy)(…)

IRIS-SES’s Workplan

The work plan of the proposed action, IRIS-SES, is divided into 4 main activities, whereas a 5th one is devoted to the coordination, management, public outreach and dissemination of results. The main activities planned within this action and their implementation will be described below:   Activity 1: Analysis of the monitoring programs carried on the framework(…)

PP/ENV D2/SEA 2012 Projects

IRIS – SES (Integrated Regional monitoring Implementation Strategy in the South European Seas).       BALSAM (Baltic Sea Pilot Project: Testing new concepts for integrated environmental monitoring of the Baltic Sea).       NC /CS (North Sea / Celtic Sea)