1st year  General Assembly (GA) meeting and Scientific Workshop (SW)

1st year General Assembly (GA) meeting and Scientific Workshop (SW)

21th-24th October 2014, Athens, Greece.

The event will be followed by the next Steering Committee (SC) meeting and Advisory Board (AB) of IRIS-SES from the 21st to the 23rd of October 2014 in Athens.

The plan is to have the GA on Tuesday 21st of October, the SC and AB can start on the 21st continuing on 22nd of October and the SW on the 23rd of October.

Depending on the number of presentations submitted, the SW can start on the 22nd in the afternoon.
During the GA, activity leaders will present the overall progress of their activities, whereas during the SW we would like to have more detailed presentations on  specific scientific issues we have been working during the last year in the frame of IRIS-SES, so we invite all scientific groups to submit their abstracts. The concept of the Workshop is to accommodate all requests made by you to have an oral presentation in a one or one and half day SW, as noted above (about 20-25 presentations of 20 min). Therefore, please inform accordingly all your colleagues in your institutions, who participate to IRIS-SES. Please find the registration form here. 

Click here to download the Agenda of the meeting.

Click here to download the Book of Abstracts for the Scientific Workshop.

The Scientific workshop details will be coming soon. For more informations please contact either Streftari Niko (nstrefta@hcmr.gr), Giannoudi Louisa (lgiannoudi@hcmr.gr) or Pagou Kalliopi (popi@hcmr.gr).

The available, nearby accommodation includes the hotels:

1. Herodion Hotel. You can download the booking form here.

2. Philippos Hotel. You can download the booking form here.